Zac Brown Band has musical mix in mind for Major Rager

Zac Brown Band is perhaps the best rehearsal band in the world, or at least this was the case during their current tour “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

The tour, which kicked off last summer, allowed the ZBB to mix all or part of at least 15 songs by other artists in its nearly two and a half hour show, combining covers with the group’s successes. that the public came to listen.

The group is the main act of this year. Major Rager presents the Bushwood and Boots concert at Evans Town Center. The account also includes Midland and Moon Taxi. Tickets cost between $ 49.50 and $ 249.50 online on Ticket2concert or in person at the Evans Fitness Club.

“You will know our history and our influences,” said Brown during the presentation of the summer party in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Zac Brown Band

So, after talking about his childhood while listening to his mother’s 70s rock album collection, Brown introduced a bit of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” into “Free”. And there were many blankets, both new and old. A recent show in Tulsa featured versions of the Pearl Jam band, Def Leppard, Rage Against The Machine, Simon & Garfunkel and James Taylor.

This is not new for ZBB, who organized his show the week before the opening concert.

It started with video, lighting and sound technicians to define and mark things. Then the group came to repeat.

In an interview, multi-instrumentalist Clay Cook reiterated that it was necessary, among other things, to mark the eight group members’ hearing instructors, to work with any change in equipment and scenario setup: “You you have to make sure you do not fall off the stage “and” you have to have at least a whole day to have everyone play together so we can make good music “.

The exact nature of this music has not yet been determined about an hour before the first concert, which could happen at any ZBB show. So Cook summarized the show as follows:

“You will definitely be listening to the songs of the Zac Brown Band, you will definitely be listening to covers, we are always doing covers, we have a great bowl to draw, the last three or more shows, the covers I thought were shoo-ins, when we finished the rehearsals, I think none of them were in the series, so we could do anything. “

While the band has had 13 No. 1 hits in the country lists, including “Chicken Fried”, “Toes”, “Sweet Annie”, “Homegrown” and “Beautiful Drug”, ZBB does not stay in any genre. track, mix of rock, folk, country, nuances of Caribbean sounds and even some dance elements in its distinctive, unclassifiable sound.

Naturally, Cook, who plays guitar, keyboards, mandolin, steel guitar and adds a high tenor voice, will not try to label the band’s music.

“I think much more simply than sex,” said Cook. “For me, there are two types of music, good music and bad music, I’m a music geek who can talk to people about a band or album in terms of genre. I do not have time for that.

“I just know I can pick up a playlist on my phone and I know why I skip a certain song There are times when you do not want to hear Wham There are times when you want to hear a song from Taylor Swift If you are in a crowd and you activate AC / DC’s “Back in Black”, it’s hard to deny it, if you’re in your car and have heard ‘Back in Black’ 20 times this week and it lights up, it’s different. “

Cook, who played with John Mayer and Shawn Mullins and was a member of the Marshall Tucker Band for two years before joining ZBB in 2009, says he still likes to be and listen to the band, even when ZBB is performing on stage in dozens thousands

“Apart from music, we’re just a big family we like to joke about,” Cook said. “Musically, I like listening to Coy’s guitar solos (Bowles) and Chris’s (Fryar’s) percussion in tune with Zac’s guitar, and I’m glad people get excited about Zac’s songs.

“I’m going to play with some bands and they have nothing,” he said. “We get together and we have a sound, I do not know what it is, it’s good for me, whether we’re trying to play James Brown or Zac Brown, it does not really matter.”

“When I come to the end of a tour, I’m not excited about any of them,” Cook said. “But the first time we play it, it’s different, I’ll listen to a song we play and I’ll think” Here’s the Zac Brown Band.

“There are a few songs that are really difficult.” I play the road “from the second album, the way we do it is so fast and my part is so complex that my hair stands up from my arms. I’m going to ruin it, it’s fun in a musical way, but all that really matters is the reaction of the crowd. “

In fact, said Cook, we know that Brown changed the middle of the presentation based on public reaction.

“He really reads the crowd,” he said. “That’s probably why it’s Zac Brown – when you have eight people on stage, with all the video and lighting, it’s very difficult to change songs, but we do it.”

The musical mix is ​​also why Zac Brown recognized at the opening night of the Lincoln show:

“That’s what defines a true artist: someone who makes music and refuses to put it in a box,” Brown told the crowd. “Thank you for following us on our trip.”

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