Behind The Song: The Eagles, “Witchy Woman”

Shaped in 1971, The Eagles were immediately entrusted in finding a mark sound. While early sessions demonstrated troublesome, as they looked to mix rock and nation into a firm component, the band conveyed on their 1972 self-titled presentation record. Close by maker Glyn Johns, establishing individuals Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner flawlessly wedded different musical styles for a strong group of work.


“Witchy Woman” is a plush number specifying one lady’s entrancing impacts. “Raven hair and ruby lips/Sparks fly from her fingertips/Echoed voices in the night/She’s a fretful soul on an interminable flight,” sings Henley on the primary stanza. The song, which Leadon had been taking a shot at since his Flying Burrito Brothers days, tunnels into lifting the state of mind with electric guitars and a heart-beating drum.

The idyllic symbolism calls to American author Zelda Fitzgerald, maybe inadvertently. During the songwriting procedure, Henley was then living in a house at the intersection of Camrose and Tower in the Hollywood Hills. Leadon came over for a songwriting session with “this weird, minor-key riff that sounded similar to a Hollywood film variant of Indian music – you know, the sort of stuff they play when the Indians ride up on the edge while the wagon train goes beneath,” said Henley in liner notes for The Very Best of the Eagles arrangement. “It had a frightful quality, and I thought it was fascinating, so we put an unpleasant variant of it down on a tape.”

Henley before long caught this season’s flu virus, and in the middle of episodes of fever and a semi-incoherent state, he would flip through a book on Fitzgerald’s life, which additionally definite her spell in a mental medical clinic for then-saw schizophrenia. “I imagine that considered along with the blend some way or another – alongside formless pictures of young ladies I had met at the Whisky and the Troubadour,” he revealed to Rolling Stone in 2016. “[It was] a significant melody for me, since it denoted the start of my expert songwriting vocation.”

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The subsequent section apparently makes reference to Fitzgerald’s vexed life and mental remain. “She held me entranced in the night/Dancing shadows and firelight/Crazy giggling in another room/And she drove herself to franticness with a silver spoon,” Henley sings.

Motivation additionally originated from “the flat mate of a young lady I was finding in the mid 1970s. Everything mysterious were famous back then. Ouija sheets, séances, palm perusing, and so forth,” he said. “A great deal of the young ladies were into what was called ‘white black magic,’ that is, they were specialists of people enchantment for considerate purposes, as recognized from malicious black magic or dark enchantment.”

“I consider some them rehearsed a tad bit of both. I thought it was beguiling and tempting, however I never paid attention to any of it. Generally, it was only a stage people were going through, some portion of the general youth development and the mission for otherworldliness, which incorporated a re-charm with the ‘old ways.’ It was innocuous fun.”

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“Witchy Woman” – additionally drawing impact from works by creator Carlos Castaneda, whose The Teachings of Don Juan (distributed in 1968) depicted his shamanism convictions – was discharged as the collection’s subsequent single. It in the end came to No. 9 on the Billboard pop singles graph.

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